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The charming town of Bellingen is the centre of the shire, located on the banks of the peaceful Bellinger River. The town's historic wealth is reflected in the heritage buildings that blend in with the facilities of the modern day town. Bellingen is known as the jazz Capital of "The Holiday Coast" with jazz nights on the first Friday of every month and the famous three day Bellingen Jazz Festival in August. The Internationally respected Global Carnival unites many of the world's cultures in a four-day festival every October. Stamping Ground, a Male Driven Action Arts Festival, runs over 16 days every January. The Bellingen Markets attract thousands of visitors on the third Saturday of every month. The Bellingen Natural Produce Market caters to the discerning tastes of the Shires population on the second Saturday of each month. The annual Autumn and Spring Plant Fairs cater to the very large number of people who find gardening or reafforestation of interest. Bellingen is

fast becoming the 'Arts and Crafts Capital" of New South Wales' Mid North Coast and is renowned for the blend of Alternative and Traditional Lifestyles that it's residents follow.

Sporting facilities in the Bellingen Shire provide for enthusiasts of Golf (3 Clubs), Fishing (Ocean, River and Trout), Lawn Bowls (4 Clubs), Tennis (5 Clubs), Croquet, Shooting (3 Clubs), Carpet Bowls, Squash, Archery and all popular team sports.

Recreational activities include River Cruises, White Water Rafting, Water Skiing, Swimming (Ocean, Rivers and Swimming Pools), Go-Karting on an International Raceway, Horse Ridi g, Bush Walking, Sailing, Canoeing, Boating, Picnicking, 4 Wheel Driving, Off Road Bike Riding, Line Dancing, Skin-diving, Ab Sailing, Rock Climbing, Helicopter Flights, and Aboriginal Cultural tours of "Baligiri", the "Promised Land" and the "Never Never”. 

The Artisan's of the Bellingen Shire produce Paintings, Woodwork, Jewellery, Leather Goods, Folk Art, Sculptures, and Clocks, plus a wide variety of creatively designed Fine Arts and Crafts. Over 200 Master Craft Persons create a wonderland of amazing works catering to every taste. 

There are Art Galleries, fascinating Gift Shops, 3 Museums, Plant Nurseries, 6 National Parks with some of the most majestic and varied scenery in the World, Lookouts with spectacular views, Waterfalls, Old Gold Mining Towns, Forest Drives, Glass Works, Wine Tastings at two Wineries, Picnic and Camping areas, Dairy Farms, Parklands and many Children's Playgrounds. 

The Bellingen Shire boasts an abundance of native Flora and Fauna. The Shire is home to a huge Flying Fox colony, Koalas, Platypus, Echidnas, Bandicoots, Wallabies, Kangaroos, Opossums, many nocturnal Marsupials, Dolphins, Whales and Turtles. You can even find Alpacas and Deer. Bird lovers will delight in the myriad of bird life in the Valley, including Kookaburras, Owls, Crested Hawks, Pelicans, Honey Eaters, Sea Eagles and Parrots. 

Visit Bellingen for an alternate holiday experience.





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